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Luft means ‘air’ in German and Dr. Luft means the family doctor for clean air.

The Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner utilizes the effects of anions and Phytoncide more effectively.

It is a very practical air purifier that can be used any place at any time when clean air is required

including houses, offices and cars.

-Anion, the vitamin in the air we breathe!

What are Anions?

An anion is the negative ion in a molecular state existing within clean air. Anions are essential for maintaining and improving good health and increasing natural healing or restoration power, the intrinsic ability of human beings. It’s due to anions that we feel refreshed in lush forests or valleys. When our body encounters anions, the anions stabilize the nerves and relieve fatigue by accelerating cellular metabolism, revitalizing the body and clarifying blood.

Ion imbalance in modern people

A healthy person has alkalescent blood. However, the constitution of most people in these days has been gradually changed to an acidic constitution because of air pollution, electromagnetic waves, stresses or fatigue. Accordingly, more and more people suffer from various kinds of diseases.

One of the reasons for such change is ion imbalance. A variety of pollutants have been discharged along with industrialization and urbanization to date. In particular, as particulate or chemicals, which have been seriously referenced these days, are changed to cations, the ratio of cations in the air has been increasing and the ratio of anions has been substantially decreasing.


Removal of various kinds of harmful substances in the air.

Higher concentrations of anions in the air capture and absorb pollutants including virus, germs, fungus and particulate in the air and sterilize the air by destroying protein structures.

2.Blood Purification & Acceleration of Metabolism

Anions change the human constitution from acid to alkali by restoring the balance of elements in blood, in particular the balance of calcium, and purify blood.

3. Improvement of Immunity

As anions increase in the body, Gamma-glyphyrin in the blood also increases. Gamma-glyphyrin is a kind of protein contained in the blood serum with the antibody having immunity ability.

4. Helps to Relieve Fatigue and Tension

When anions increase to greater than 1,000 per 1cc of air, the brain increases in alpha wave activity and releases tension or anxiety. Serotonin, a neuro-hormone, and free-histamine are inhibited and help to relieve tension and perform mental exercise.

5. Anions of Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner

Anions are both naturally produced and can be artificially generated. The Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner applied plasma ionizer technology eliminating harmful matter in a cation state.

What is Phytoncide?

Phytoncide is a compound word of ‘Phyton’ meaning 

‘plants’ and ‘Cide’ meaning ‘kill’ in Latin and was coined by a Russian scientist. 

It generally means the unique and natural antibacterial substances that plants emit 

to protect themselves from harmful insects and pathogenic bacteria.

1. Relief of Stress and Enhancement of Immunity

The concentration of cortisol (steroid hormone), the stress inducer, in the blood. Moreover, phytoncide helps to relieve allergy symptoms caused by the deterioration of immunity by increasing immunity and relieving stress.


2. Antibacterial Effect (Help to treat atopy and other diseases)

Terpene, the main element of phytoncide, is a kind of antibiotic created by plants to protect themselves from microorganisms. Terpene is effective for sterilizing most germs including E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, legionella and pneumococcus.

3. Deodorization

It has been shown that Phytoncide has a remarkable effect for deodorizing. For example, forests have no bad odors even though there are many dead animals or the excretion of animals because of the deodorizing effect of phytoncide.

4. Improvement of Memory and Concentration

Concentration and memory are increased by the alpha wave theta wave of the brain. Phytoncide reduces beta waves by relaxing tension during mental activities including learning and increases theta and alpha wave. Then, Phytoncide improves concentration by maintaining the functional state of the brain to make it more stable and effective.

5. Enhancement of Cardiopulmonary Function

Phytoncide contains a variety of active elements having powerful medicinal effects including terpene, vitamins, essential/non-essential amino acids, flavonoids and polyphenols. Phytoncide strengthens cardiopulmonary function and peripheral nerves as well as encourages mental stability.

Phytoncide, the volatilizing agent used in the Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner, 

is a high quality volatilizing agent made using Phytoncide from the same pine trees used for 

the health food approved by the FDA and that from cypress in Korea

Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner be with you in many different Spaces!

Removal of Viruses and Odors at Once!

Perfect air purification effect with anions and Phytoncide.

The Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner supplies cleaner and healthier air to the home or car by volatilizing Phytoncide and generating anions. The Phytoncide from Dr. Luft is 100% natural, so that you will feel as if you are in a lush forest.

He Forest Therapy Air Cleaner considers the health of all family members!

For the health of your loving family members by a pleasant indoor environment

Anions from the Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner are essential for the health of those who spend long periods indoors including babies, students preparing for tests, children, senior citizens or the weak because it creates a pleasant indoor environment, as if being in the forest, by maintaining the ion balance required to keep the biorhythms.

Usable any place including cars, desks or bedrooms!

Usable anywhere that uses a cigarette jack or a USB cable.

The Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner is usable anywhere that has a power supply system using a USB adaptor including a mobile phone charger or by direct connection to a computer using a USB cable as well as in cars using the cigarette jack.

Decorative effects from a simple design!

Distinguished design with two colors, black and white.

The Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner offers decorative effects at home or in the car with a black or white color design and an elegant LED button.

Dr.Luft brings back vitality into your life.

For clean air and a clean car!

The reek of stale tobacco in the car, exhaust, or moldy odors from the air conditioner or heater is a worry for all drivers. The Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner refreshes the air as if being in forests by emitting Phytoncide in the car and thoroughly removes harmful viruses, allergens, mold or odors.

Concentration Boosted! Scholastic Achievement Improved! For exhausted students.

Students who need to concentrate for a long time and prepare for their scholastic aptitude tests need clean, clear air to support vigorous brain activity. Clean air that is easy to breathe and a pleasant environment increase learning performance while Phytoncide enhances students’ concentration by increasing the alpha wave of the brain.

Give the gift of health to children or parents!

Give the gift of health to rooms for children, senior citizens or those with a weakened immune system! Various kinds of invisible viruses and allergens that cause allergies can be fatal to the health of senior citizens or child with weak immune systems. The Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner changes harmful viruses in the air into moisture by generating ions and enhances immunity with Phytoncide.

Offices with a number of people

Various kinds of viruses, allergens and odors can easily pollute and spread through offices where a number of people work together under severe stress. Use the Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner in offices where workers spend most of their daily life! Care for their health with clean air, relieve stress and feel as refreshed as if being in a forest. The Dr. Luft Forest Therapy Air Cleaner is a must-have item for office workers.

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